January 20 - February 18

Aquarius, the perfect blue to match your watery vibe is our Octavia dress! This is a staple summer piece and is everything your independent personality has been looking for! The perfect way to express your eccentric and energetic vibes, just like your independent self!


February 19 - March 20

Every day’s a splash when you’re a water sign, so it’s only fitting, Pisces, that you’re our Ultraviolet Dippin’ Daisy’s swimsuit! This color is giving us some serious calming vibes just like you do! Perfect for chill days by the pool to decompress from the day. Give yourself a day to relax and do it in one of our go-to suits!


 March 21 - April 19

Hot! Hot! Hot! Our Skylar Jeans are just about as fiery as your personality- this truly is a match made in the stars! These flaming, red hot jeans are the perfect way to showcase your confident and courageous vibe. Pair these energetic jeans with a top that speaks volumes as you do!


 April 20 - May 20

Strong-willed Taurus, we’ve got the perfect top to match your vibe! Our Karina Top is a stunning neutral top to add to your earthy collection. This top will bring out your romantic, yet practicable side and eventuate your curves. Talk about a go-to top! Our Karina Top is just about as sensual and considerate as you are!


May 21 - June 20

Oh, Gemini! Your bright and airy personality is fitting for our PEPPERMAYO Beverly tie crop and matching Russo Flare pants! This stunning green color is just as curious and expressive as you are! The perfect way to showcase your sociable, ready-for-fun, curious personality!


June 21 - July 22

Your match written in the stars is our stunning Callum Dress! Your intuitive and sentimental personality is the perfect pair for this sensual halter dress! This dress is a stunning persuasive piece that will perfectly complement your body and is the perfect night out look Cancer!


July 23 - August 22

Leo, you wild thing! Our Hermione Top is the perfect top to match your fiery, fierce spirit! This top showcases a halter neckline, flirty pattern; and is backless, perfect for a wild night out with your girls. Your natural dramatic and creative personality will thrive in a top that matches your big energy!



August 23 - September 22

To match your practical vibe, it’s only fitting that we match you, Virgo, with our Peppermayo Betty Halter Top. This top is classy and stunning just, like you! Whether you’re paying attention to the small details in life or all work no play- Our Betty Halter top is a match made in the stars!


September 23 - October 22

This social and spunky top is just as fun as you are, Libra! Our Jo Top is the perfect way to express your peaceful and diplomatic state of mind. Whether you rock mauve or green, this top will bring balance to not only your closet but also your overall vibe!



October 23 - November 21

Scorpio, you saw this coming! Our Lindsay Pants are the perfect way to showcase your passionate and brave personality. These leather pants are just as confident and determined as you are! Perfect to pair with anything in your closet for a go-to resourceful vibe just like you, Scorpio!



November 22 - December 21

The perfect top to match your curious and energetic vibe is our Alicia top! This top is just as versatile as your creative personality. With endless styling capabilities, this top will match your extroverted and optimistic lifestyle!


December 22 - January 19

Capricorn, would this look good on you! Our Clarissa top is the perfect neutral staple piece for your closet! This halter is just as independent and grounding as you are! Take the day off from your routine and wear this top on a night out on the town!