Your Next T+F Shoes Based On Your Favorite Gossip Girl Reboot Character

This just in: Tally+Fin has shoes that will have you stepping into fall in style! That’s right, we’ve got you covered with trendy and affordable shoes that will give your outfit an effortless edge, and spies tell us that these babies won’t last for long. But, how will you choose which booty or sandal to add to your wardrobe? Lucky for you, we have tagged each pair of gorgeous shoes to a Gossip Girl reboot character. So, whether you are a Zoya Lott or more of a Julien Calloway, we have the perfect shoes for you! You know you love us. XOXO, Tally+Fin. 


Julien Calloway - Brandi Booties

Queen Bee Julien Calloway, a rising influencer and up-and-coming model, is simply a trendsetter. Her effortless yet bold style is showstopping and allows her to stand out in any crowd. She keeps it casual and chic at Constance with oversized button-downs and funky sneakers, but once the sun goes down, she transitions into eye-catching evening wear that oftentimes are sparkly and full of bling. Like Julien, our Brandi booties are striking! These black croc-embossed booties are beyond bold and radiate bad b*tch energy. 


Zoya Lott - White Rebel Boots

Zoya Lott, a newbie to the Upper East Side hierarchy, has more of a vintage, street-style vibe. Incredibly passionate about social injustice, she uses her style to voice her opinions and oftentimes wears thrifted and older clothing instead of fast fashion pieces. Zoya is a non-conformer and stays true to herself by not integrating to her peers flashy fashion. When she does dress up, she looks glamorous like the rest of the Upper East Siders but her outfits are much more simplistic and less glitz and glamour. Our white Rebel boots are simple yet fashionable like Zoya. These white combat-style boots are beyond trendy yet they have such an effortless flair about them. 


Audrey Hope - Amara Boots 

Daughter of a fashion mogul, Audrey Hope’s amazing style runs in her blood. Unlike the rest of her friends, Audrey appreciates the classics and old-world fashion. She wears classic, vintage pieces such as ties and blazers and normally stick to neutral tones. Like the former queen bee Blair Waldorf, Audrey Hope’s style emulates women such as Audrey Hepburn and Jacky Kennedy but adds a modern, contemporary spin. Like Audrey, our Amara booties are simply a classic shoe that everyone needs in their wardrobe. These neutral, white booties are versatile for every season and will step up any look. 


Luna La - Nolan Boots

The Upper East Side’s resident fashion guru Luna La keeps everyone on their fashion game. Dressing to impress 24/7, Luna is very confident in her sense of style as she works to make a career in the fashion world. Her taste is very bohemian-chic with a flirty, feminine edge. From flowy neutral boho dresses and fun, bright sets, Luna sports elegant pieces that show off both her long, lean physique and her bold personality. We personally could see our Nolan boots in Miss Luna La’s closet. These brown cowboy boots scream boho and would make the most adorable addition to your fall wardrobe. 


Monet de Haan - Dillan Booties

Social media extraordinaire Monet de Haan is a fashion risk-taker! Whether her look is preppy or glamorous, she takes it to a whole new level with her striking accessories. Ambitious and driven, Monet makes it clear through her fashion that she is a force to be reckoned with. With her fellow minion Luna La, Monet helps her bestie Julian to grow as an influencer and maintain her throne at Constance. Making a statement just like Monet is our Dillan booties. These brown chunky booties are too-die for and will elevate your fall fit. 


Which pair of shoes do envision yourself in as you step on the stairs of the MET?