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June 8, 2021

June 8, 2021

As the world returns to some sort of normalcy, we find ourselves finally slipping out of our sweatpants and hoodies. Ladies, it’s time to revive your Instagram feeds by wearing some hot trendy hues to elevate your fits. This season’s color trends are all the rave and contain a nice mix of shades for both our neutral babes and bold trendsetters. If you’re wondering how to up your fashion game for hot girl summer, stay tuned! 

  • Sage Green
  • So fresh and so green, sage has taken root as a staple hue this season. This shade has been recently trending on platforms such as Tik Tok and Pinterest and continues to rise in popularity throughout the fashion industry. For an earthy chic look, this pastel pigment pairs well with neutrals such as beige and cream. Sporting this soothing shade will have everyone feeling green with envy! 

  • Tangerine 
  • In need of some Vitamin C? This zesty tangerine hue has you covered. Flirty and fresh, tangerine is such an appealing color this season and emits fun and happy vibes. This stylish shade pairs well with both neutral tones like cream, white and black, or more vibrant colors like bright purple or green for a bold, unique look. Make this tangerine tone your main squeeze this season! 

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Breaking news babes...brown is the new black. From light sand to a dark taupe, brown has proven itself to be a dominant color in the industry this year. Currently, one of the most popular shades of brown is the oh-so-sweet chocolate brown. This earthy hue is incredibly flattering and can easily pair with lighter neutrals such as beige and tan for a chic, neutral look. Satisfy your sweet tooth by adding this luscious shade to your wardrobe ASAP! 

  • Sky Blue 
  • On our spring fashion radar, it looks like there are blue skies ahead! This season, embrace this soft shade into your wardrobe. Sky blue corresponds perfectly with light neutral hues such as cream and white. Also, this hue exudes a sense of tranquility and elegance to any outfit. This season, chase the blues away by including this relaxing shade to your wardrobe! 

  • Soft Pink 
  • Channel your inner Barbie by rocking soft pink this summer. Bold and beautiful, soft pink is a standout color that radiates boss babe energy and makes any outfit pop. Whether it’s a blazer for a day at the office, sundress for a picnic date or even a headband, this vibrant shade is sure to add a fun, flirty edge to your fit. By styling this stunning color, you might even find the perfect Ken to your Barbie!