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October 12, 2021

Last summer, Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping album SOUR not only infiltrated our Spotify playlists but our hearts. Whether you are single or in a relationship, we have all been found guilty...

Last summer, Olivia Rodrigo’s chart-topping album SOUR not only infiltrated our Spotify playlists but our hearts. Whether you are single or in a relationship, we have all been found guilty of scream-singing these iconic songs. A total girl boss, Olivia has inspired us all to embrace our latest breakup and turn it into a smash hit. So, why not let SOUR influence not only our choices in men but our choices in clothes as well. Here at Tally+Fin, we were so obsessed with this record that we created the perfect outfits for your favorite SOUR songs. Make sure to tune in to each of the SOUR tracks to find your next T+F fit. 


Life can be brutal sometimes, to say the least. So, why not make your day a bit sweeter by wearing one of our stunning T+F fits! Just like this bad*ss anthem, the black  Brooks Top gives us major rebel vibes. This lace corset-style top provides you with a sleek, sultry look that is sure to turn heads. Pair this top with our black distressed Delta Jeans for an all-black fit that will have you thriving in these golden years. 


“Traitor” is a track that most women, including myself, find themselves relating to. Heartbreak sucks, but fortunately, we have the perfect fit that will mend your broken heart. Our ivory PEPPERMAYO Sweet Life Midi Dress will have your ex wishing he could get back in your good graces. This midi dress features a flattering triangle style bust and a sleek open-back for an angelic, chic look. 

drivers license:

Though most of us didn’t get our driver’s licenses last week, we are all guilty of blaring this song as we drive through the Tallahassee suburbs. We have all been there. We’ve heard those empty promises and entertained the emotionless excuses, so now, it’s time we treat ourselves. Our cobalt PEPPERMAYO Golden Girl Mini Dress will have your ex feeling blue and wishing he was driving home to you. This little number provides you with a trendy halter-style neckline and a stretchy, comfortable fit that will flatter your beautiful curves. 

1 step forward, 3 steps back:

“1 step forward, 3 steps back” forces its listeners to reminisce on their last rollercoaster relationship. With all of those ups and downs and “do you love me” and “love me not's", this track is a firm reminder that we women deserve some consistency in not only our love lives but also in our favorite boutiques. At Tally+Fin, you can always count on us to supply you with the perfect fit that makes you feel like the most confident, bad b*tch version of yourself. We are currently obsessing with our Kenna Top, a top that will have you feeling on top of the world. This long-sleeve crop features a neutral floral print as well as a flattering sweetheart neckline and an open-back. Pair this crop with our brown PEPPERMAYO Avenue Linen Mini Skirt for an effortless autumn fit that will have men falling for you this season. 

deja vu:

“Deja Vu”, easily one of my favorite songs from SOUR, gets me thinking about the Joshua Bassett in my life. Though we didn’t take car rides to Malibu and watch reruns of Glee, we shared many things that I’m sure he took into his next relationship. When these bitter feelings get to you, it’s only instinct to feel vengeful. And, what’s the best form of revenge you may ask?  Strutting your stuff in a stylish T&F fit! Our matching set, the chocolate checkered PEPPERMAYO Skyline Mesh Top and PEPPERMAYO Night Fever Flare Pants, are to die for and will have him running back to share more than just some strawberry ice cream with you. 

good 4 u:

If you’re spending the night crying on the bathroom floor, it’s time for a wake-up call. Instead of dwelling over your ex and his new girlfriend, let’s take a moment to realize that you deserve so much better. The Joshua Bassett’s of the world aren’t worthy of having women like us on their arms. Make him regret ever letting you go by dressing to impress in The Kript’s matching  Liquid Mesh Top and Liquid Mesh Pants set. This sexy, 70’s inspired, blue mesh set is simply magnetic and eye-popping and attracts men like moths to a light. 

enough for you:

In her song “enough for you”, Olivia Rodrigo gets candid about her efforts to be the best version of herself to please a man and her doubts of whether she is “enough.” Well, breaking news, we are all more than enough. As women, we oftentimes find ourselves distorting ourselves to fit a certain image for men, which needs to come to an end. At Tally+Fin, we promote individuality and uniqueness, and we love to see our customers embracing their true selves and showing off their personal style. Our matching set, the MOTEL Armelle Top and Analia Skirt, screams originality and is truly one of our staff’s favorite pieces. The scrunch detailing in both the top and skirt as well as the trendy earthy gradient print is so fun and funky. So, ‘get your groove on’ on the dance floor tonight, and don’t settle for any Joshua Bassett’s that ask you for a dance. 


We’ve all fallen for that “eternal love bullshit” from men. Like many other scorned women, I’ve come to recognize that words mean nothing while actions mean everything in relationships. As Olivia mourns her last relationship and wishes her ex the best, we listeners feel obligated to mourn our last love too. And who said you can’t grieve in style? Make a statement at your “relationship funeral” wearing our stylish black PEPPERMAYO San Sebastian Mini Dress. We are obsessed with the puff sleeves and the gathered bust detailing. This little number is also perfect to transition into cuffing season in. 

jealousy, jealousy:

In Olivia’s track “jealousy, jealousy”, she speaks on her toxic social media mindset and how she often found herself wanting to be various women whom she saw on social media. This is a mentality that so many young women, including myself, find themselves falling enslaved to. When scrolling on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s easy at times to get so caught up in the lives of strangers that you often forget to value and appreciate your own. Women empowerment is something we find beyond important at Tally+Fin as we love being “hype women” for our T+F babes and putting smiles on our customers’ faces when they feel confident and special in one of our pieces. One of our pieces in particular that’s been putting smiles on many faces this week is one of our new arrivals the MOTEL Kezila Dress. This mini dress features a flattering bodycon fit, a trendy brown wavy flower pattern, and a sultry open back. So, don’t let co-comparison kill you slowly, and embrace your hot self in this T&F fit! 

favorite crime:

On this track, Olivia compares her broken heart to a murder, calling herself his “favorite crime.” Like Olivia, many have had a very similar experience, making this such a relatable song to her listeners and fans. In true Tally+Fin fashion, we believe that though these instances hurt, they make us stronger. When we are feeling low, what better way to lift up ur spirits than an outfit that makes us feel unstoppable and undeniably gorgeous. Our Tia Top, which is a red corset-style top, exudes confidence and bag b*tch energy. Pair this top with our 2000’s style Tate Pants for the perfect outfit to tell him “boy bye” in. 

hope ur ok:

Olivia brings SOUR to a close with the heartfelt song “hope ur ok.” This track focuses on one of her past friendships and the hardships her friend went through as she encourages her friend to stay hopeful as her pain will not last forever. Empowering individuals through adversity is so important to us at Tally+Fin, and we have so much love and support for our T+F babes. Find that light at the end of the tunnel in an adorable T+F fit. Pair our long-sleeve, corset-style Twyla Top with our Chrisley Jeans for an effortlessly chic fit to both ride out the lows and celebrate those highs. 

We hope you enjoyed these SOUR inspired fits, and stay tuned for upcoming blogs!


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